Over 5,000 construction bricks - enough to engage and instruct up to 30 kids at once Exciting, hands-on projects Explores math, science, communications, and technology Meets ITEA technological literacy standards Proven to boost test scores, knowledge, and understanding Great for teachers, after-school programs, and summer camp facilitators Methodology BrickLab® is simple for users to organize, setup, and manage and it creates a dynamic environment where students design experiments, model, and problem solve using simple construction blocks. Worried about cleanup? It's a snap using our simple BrickLab® management guidelines. Teaching with manipulative has never been so fun, so convenient, and so effective. Check out the remarkably efficient methodology and approach unique to BrickLab® - one you see it in action, you'll want one in very classroom! Curriculum The BrickLab® works just about everywhere, and when implemented in a systemic fashion, you can achieve powerful academic improvements in language and math skills while simultaneously meeting the technology standards that students need to succeed. BrickLab® Grade Series (Grades K-4) Built from the ground up to correlate with National and International technology educational standards from the ITEA and ISTE, the BrickLab grade series enables teachers to introduce and meet mandated technological literacy standards while simultaneously reinforcing core curriculum topics already being taught. BrickLab® Survey (After-school and Summer Programs Ages 8-12) Over 5,000 building elements, 52 lessons, and 208 activities! This is the original PCS BrickLab® curriculum that started it all! This unique and inexpensive hands-on learning solution is for educators in all teaching environments ranging from after-school and the traditional classroom to homeschool. Designed to offer a survey of activities that can be successfully applied to students throughout the K-12 spectrum, it combines thousands of construction elements with a comprehensive curriculum that offers 52 foundational lessons and over 200 activities in four topic strands including Construction Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Communications. Standards The entire PCS Brick Lab® series has been built from the ground up to correlate with National and International educational standards from the ITEA, ISTE, and NAEYC. For the Grade and Survey curricula, one of the most elegant aspects of the program is that it enables teachers to introduce and meet technological literacy standards while simultaneously reinforcing core curriculum topics already being taught. Teachers are being asked to work miracles, and the amount of content and standards they are required to meet becomes increasingly difficult each year. The PCS BrickLab® curriculum makes that task easier by literally cutting the workload for a teacher in half – they can reinforce core academic requirements while meeting technology standards as well. Best of all, the kids love it and it is effective. Research used to direct the development of PCS BrickLab® shows that programs of this nature boost technology test scores 128% and math scores 64%. Teachers are already working harder. PCS BrickLab® gives them a powerful new tool that enables them to work smarter. Concepts and Vocabulary from BrickLab 1st Grade Human-made, Nature, Stone Tool, Tool, Effort, Fulcrum, Lever, Load, Agriculture, Components, Pattern, System, Plans, Resources, Simple Machine, Wedge, Conservation, Environment, Landfill, Reuse, Label, Lifecycle, Pollute, Recycling, Need, Ladder, Survival, Want, Basket, Basketry, Container, Weaving, Castle, Keep, Battlement, History, Computer Model, Office, Skyline, Skyscraper, Brainstorming, Problem, Questions, Solution, Communication, Feedback, Miscommunication, Design Process, Lintel, Observation, Post, Senses, Fail, Cover Your Cracks, Repair, Safety, Bridge, Deck, Design Process, Model, Back, Chair, Leg, Seat, Maintenance, Malfunction, Rule, Safety, Alphabet, Dictionary, Icon, Letter, Alternative Energy, Energy, Fossil Fuel, Solar, Renewable, Sail, Windmill, Wind Energy, Assembly Line, Custom Made, Manufactured Good, Interchangeable Part, Disposable, Permanent, Reusable, Temporary, Barn, House, Library, School, Blueprint, Design, Floor plan, Form Follows Function After School The BrickLab offers a perfect after-school activity solution that is educational, fun, easy to manage and requires very little training to execute successfully. Typically, the BrickLab Survey Curriculum is selected since it offers a variety of activities that nicely reinforce skills and concepts that students are being introduced to during their regular school day. In addition, it is so much fun that the kids will keep coming back for more! Since the survey curriculum is so extensive (nearly 200 pages of activities and lessons!), you can offer a BrickLab session several times a week year round and never run out of activities! It is also a perfect ice-breaker and an awesome component to any summer camp or special activity that you want to inject a little excitement into. We have even seen it used for team building exercises with staff and volunteers! Research Curriculum developers rely heavily on current research on project based learning and other effective methods of improving student motivation, understanding, and concept retention. Primary research that PCS depends upon has come from several sources including the following: Study of Educational Impact of the LEGO Dacta Materials - INFOSCUELA October 1998 - January 1999 The Educational Impact of LEGO Dacta Materials Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Spring 2001. Before It's Too Late: A Report to the Nation from The National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century September 2000